Fenway Park, Boston, MA – Game No. 21 (10)

By Nolan Rice

Friday, July 11, brought the highlight of the BaseCrawl trip, at least for me.  It was time to visit Fenway Park.  The Red Sox were hosting the Baltimore Orioles.  I’ve been having a dream year in sports.  The Celtics are defending champs, and I visited their court earlier that day.  The Red Sox took the World Series last season, and I was about to enter their famous home.  If the Cowboys had won the Super Bowl in January (… as they should have …), my year would have been complete.  As it turned out I had to buy Daren a bottle of Jack Daniels over the Giants win.  I’m OK with it, though.  He’s lost several bets of the same type to me in the past.  😉

This was game No. 21 for BaseCrawl, and game No. 10 for me (… my final game …).  My cousin Cory was there to share the experience.  I have to give him credit for booking the seats.  We were in the fifth row of right field, near the famous “Pesky Pole.”  Awesome!!  However, I do have to give him shit.  He wasn’t brave enough to wear his Yankees jersey in Fenway.  I, however, had worn my Red Sox gear in Yankee Stadium with him just two days earlier.  Wimp!!  😉



We’ve all seen Fenway from the street in the past several years.  The team has been well publicized for obvious reasons.  However, actually being there was a treat.  Fenway is the oldest of the major league parks; opened in 1912, five days after the Titanic sank.



Although Boston lost 7-3, the evening was filled with good times.  I sampled a “Fenway Frank.”  It was tasty, although I will remove my bias and place it accordingly on the list.

MLB Park “Dogs”


1.  Grille Works Footlong Bratwurst  (Coors Field – Rockies)

2.  Major League Mariner Dog  (Safeco Field – Mariners)

3.  Super Dodger Dog  (Dodger Stadium – Dodgers)

4.  Fenway Frank  (Fenway Park – Red Sox)

5.  Grand Slam Grille All Beef Hot Dog  (Shea Stadium – Mets)

6.  Wienerschnitzel Grilled Hot Dog  (PETCO Park – Padres)

7.  Farmer John Super Dog  (Angel Stadium – Angels)

8.  Miller All Beef Coliseum Dog  (McAfee Coliseum – Athletics)

9.  Giants Dog  (AT&T Park – Giants)

10.  ???????????????????  (Yankee Stadium – Yankees)


Beth was intrigued by a Boston police officer roaming the stands and couldn’t resist the urge to talk to him.





It was a day to remember.





The next morning Beth and I had to catch a shuttle to the airport at 4 a.m.  We were greeted outside the hotel by Cory, Scott, Daren and Troy.  They had been partying all night.  Cory was the first to remind me the Red Sox had lost in our presence.





That’s it for me. I’ll be watching the rest of BaseCrawl from the stands.

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Later ………………………. Nolan  (Key Grip)

(There’s more on this and our other adventures at BaseCrawl.com.)


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